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Leading Provider of Technology Solutions Exclusively for County Governments

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Leading Provider of Technology Solutions Exclusively for County Governments

Teleosoft’s CountySuite™ Software provides full civil process solutions for county government offices.

With a singular focus on county government, our software breaks the mold. We cater to the civil process and are devoted to helping you improve your office’s efficiency.
Through our relationship-driven focus, Teleosoft enhances county government processes through easy-to-use software that eliminates redundancies, increases accuracy, creates collaboration, enhances cost recovery, and improves overall operational transparency.
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Civil Court Software


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Building a Modern, Personalized Experience
Through Purpose-built Technology Solutions for County Government’s

Our easy-to-use platform comprises a suite of intuitive functionality at your fingertips to save valuable time while delivering effective results.

Through Teleosoft’s intuitive and robust platform, counties are able to use one technology vendor which helps unify workflows, reduces costs across the county, and reduces the maintenance of multiple systems.

Our software can be hosted or on-premise, enabling full remote-work capabilities for your office’s operation.


Teleosoft Technology Solutions

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions
Our COTS solutions are unique and configured to your workflow. Though personalized to your specific needs, our deployment is very fast.
Data and API Integrations
We handle all data migration securely, as well as the API layers to make integration, and transition easily achievable for your offices.
Public and Controlled Access Portals
We offer portals that are custom-tailored to your needs, ranging from full public access to limited controlled access and providing a reliable location for e-filing.

Managing cases can be overwhelming. We are here for you.

Teleosoft offers flexible licensing models that include ongoing support and hands-on training. We foster long-term relationships with our clients and continue that relationship from day one and every day in between. Learn how our full civil process technology can help you.
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Get Better Insights Into Your Data

Running into issues gathering data insights? Teleosoft provides increased transparency to improve data management. Our portal is user-friendly, accurate, and compliant with state regulations.
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manage case filing better

Elimination of Manual Processes

Improved efficiency in your workload promotes enhanced customer services. You’ll see decreases in confrontation, an increase in profitability, and fewer manual input entry errors.
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customer service improvement

Streamlined Customer Service

Do you have a shortage of time dealing with customers? That’s no coincidence. You’re busy! Let our software allow efficient interaction with internal teams, cross-departmental teams, and external customers.
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About Us

Teleosoft has been in software development since 1997 with a focus on County Offices since 2006. With 15 years of domain knowledge, we are focused on delivering you results through software and strategies that have a meaningful impact year-over-year.


We provide county government organizations with easy-to-use software to enhance your workflows and organizational efficiency. Our technology solutions allow for enhanced data insights, improved work processes, and streamlined customer service. We see our clients as partners, not customers. Ongoing support and training are the basis of how we operate. Teleosoft understands the complexity of local government operations with our level of experience.

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