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County Suite

Software specifically designed for the Sheriff's Office

  • Quickly find cases and retrieve status information
  • Track all case activity (services performed, charges levied, contact information changes, and more!)
  • Eliminate transcription errors and redundant effort
  • Generate automatically compiled summary reports and standard mailings
  • And much, much more...
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“[CountySuite Sheriff] office management software by Teleosoft ... has streamlined both the administrative side as well as the service side of all civil process ... and has allowed us to serve the public as we always have without additional expenses stemming from manpower increases.”

— Cumberland County, PA

Made Simple. Made to Fit You.
Accounting Screenshots

Fully-Integrated Accounting

CountySuite Sheriff incorporates a robust accounting system which securely tracks all deposits and cost data, and provides audit reports with the click of a button.

  • Built-in business rules help expose data entry errors
  • Authorized users can print directly to laser checks
  • Easily reconcile to your bank statement and keep track of outstanding checks
  • Immediately provide receipts for over-the-counter customers
  • Quickly search for entries by payee, case number, check number and more
  • Customized setup to consolidate month-end checks the way your county works!

Real Estate (Sheriff Sales)

CountySuite Sheriff simplifies the complicated process of a Sheriff’s Sale — involving multiple parties, significant financial considerations, and plenty of documentation.

  • Manage all sale properties from a single interface
  • Create the crier report with a single button click
  • Generate Sale Bills and Sheriff Deeds from within the system
  • Automatically generate Distribution Schedules
  • Optionally includes a public-facing website that lists sales and current property status
Real Estate Screenshots
Personal Property Screenshots

Personal Property

Keeping track of sale and hearing schedules, total payoff amounts, and service attempts is not a job for typewriter and calculator.

Let CountySuite Sheriff do it for you, while also providing features like Possession, Levy, and Garnishment report generation, and the ability to specify your own custom legal text for consistency and accuracy.

  • Payoff amount is automatically updated as costs are accrued
  • Easily track hearing and sale dates
  • Associate unlimited plaintiffs, defendants, attorneys, garnishees and other case participants

Mobile Deputy Services

The mobile component of CountySuite Sheriff travels with the deputy on a laptop, providing a convenient itinerary and an electronic log.

  • Quickly display all services available to be delivered
  • Sort by expiration date, address, case number and more
  • Electronically transfer log data to keep case status current and automatically calculate costs
  • Deputy daily logs are searchable and printable through the web application
  • All daily log events can be tracked (traffic citations, etc.) not just civil process attempts
Mobile Deputy Services
Criminal & Civil Actions

Civil & Criminal Actions

CountySuite Sheriff handles all types of actions, from orders to petitions to affidavits to writs of habeas corpus to Protections From Abuse.

  • All papers use a consistent entry interface
  • The latest status of each service is quickly visible
  • Service Cover Sheets are generated with no additional effort
  • Sheriff Returns are created automatically using name, address and service information already entered
  • Includes support for services originating out-of-state and out-of-county
  • Pre-defined and customizable text is available to avoid retyping common paragraphs for docket events


Use CountySuite Sheriff to track and organize the current status of criminal, civil and juvenile warrants.

  • Track prisoner transports and costs
  • Integrated with civil services for safety
  • Generate a list of all active warrants and detainer status
  • Includes state Crimes Codes, State and FBI numbers and extradition codes
  • Easily identify costs owed


  • Handle all costs related to:
  • Licenses to Carry Concealed
  • Firearm and Precious Metal Dealer Licenses
  • Civilian and Passport Photo IDs
  • Automatically categorize license costs for local and state fees
  • Keep track of license events (issues, denied, revoked, expired)
  • Generate mailings to notify dealers when a license is about to expire or has expired

“Teleosoft has completed two projects for Greene County. The first was a browser-based Sheriff’s application. Going into this project, I knew I did not need yet another proposal on a high-priced software package. What I needed was a good price, good support, and a package that tied into my existing systems.

“Teleosoft delivered all of that and more. The price was less than any other package we had seen, and the support costs were in line with industry averages. The installation, support, and training were - and continue to be - excellent. Of course, all IT projects have issues, but with Teleosoft, the problems were addressed and resolved in a timely manner, with no finger-pointing. The integration with our existing systems went extremely well and, in fact, when it came to publishing Sheriff Sale information to our public website, beyond our expectations.

“It is a pleasure working with Teleosoft, and we anticipate more partnerships in the future.”

— Scott Kelley, Information Technology/Budget Director, County of Greene, PA