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Teleosoft provides consultation in all aspects of the software development process, on applications ranging from enterprise web services to real-time embedded systems. While our solutions are technical in nature, we recognize that a healthy customer relationship is key to a project's success.

Catching Your Vision

We start with listening and observing -- discovering your goals and understanding your perspective. We'll get the big picture, and the details too. Ordinarily, this is an iterative process, conducted throughout our engagement. It involves:

  • Workflow analysis
  • Customer interviews
  • Use-case modeling
  • Specification review

Plain English

Once we understand the need, we'll begin to craft a solution that works for you. We're committed to communicating proposals clearly so that everyone understands and agrees on the work to be done, and we promise to be flexible when requirements change, or new information comes to light.

Process Management

We're firm believers that the right tools and the right process can make all the difference in the world. We're not chained to particulars (though we do have some favorites), and we don't like excessive overhead and finicky rules any more than the next guy. But we do believe in efficient methodology and delivering clean, maintainable, well-tested, and well-documented code. To that end, we support (and encourage) practices such as:

  • Progress/Schedule Maintenance
  • Source Control
  • Bug Tracking
  • Regression Testing

Design & Development

Finally, there are the tools, languages, libraries, API's, etc. used in the actual construction of an application. A sampling of the types of solutions and technologies we offer would include:

  • Database architecture (SQL, ADO.NET)
  • Thin clients (ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Rich clients (C#, VB, WinForms, WTL)
  • Embedded systems (Assembly, C/C++, RTOS)

“Teleosoft has completed two projects for Greene County. The first was a browser-based Sheriff’s application. Going into this project, I knew I did not need yet another proposal on a high-priced software package. What I needed was a good price, good support, and a package that tied into my existing systems.

“Teleosoft delivered all of that and more. ... It is a pleasure working with Teleosoft, and we anticipate more partnerships in the future.”

— Scott Kelley, Information Technology/Budget Director, County of Greene, PA